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We are proud to be the first online sports betting platform to provide services for statistical categories in the NBA.

We cannot stop there, we are developing services for other major sports as well.

Our next goal is to complete a template for the NFL, NHL, MLB, and the most requested All-Star athletes in Boxing, UFC, Golf & Soccer.


Now accepting Dash, Monero, Zcash, Ripple, Ethereum & Ethereum Classic.

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SUPERSTARBETS.NET is a revolutionary online sports betting platform that allows you to place in depth bets on your favorite All-Star Athletes.
We provide you with the option of betting on the performance of your favorite All-Star Athletes in a variety of statistical categories.
You must win a minimum of three categories to receive a pay out. If you win five of six categories you receive five times your bet.
​Win eight categories and receive ten thousand dollars, plus your original winnings.