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 SUPER             BETS

All-Star Members also have the opportunity to win lottery style cash payouts & see their favorite All-Star Athletes play live.

Go to our sign up page, enter the promo code All-Star Members & we will email you the requirements to compete against other All-Star Members.

May the best fan win!

All-Star Members

Wagers can  be placed on two seperate "All Star Athletes" of competing teams.

The "All-Star Athletes" must play the same position in the game. You must correctly select which statistics either "All-Star Athlete" will perform better in.

You must correctly select a minimum of Four statistics from our categories to receive a pay out.  If you win, you'll receive Ten Times your wager. 

By selecting our Creative Wagers in addition with your bet, you can increase your winnings.

Example Of Creative Wagers - "Stephen Curry" will have more "Back To Back" Three Pointers than "Russell Westbrook". 

Example Of Required Four Wagers - "Russell Westbrook" will have more Points, Slam Dunks, Fouls & Steals than "Stephen Curry".