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All-Star Members also have the opportunity to win lottery style cash payouts & see their favorite All-Star Athletes play live.

Go to our sign up page, enter the promo code All-Star Members & we will email you the requirements to compete against other All-Star Members.

May the best fan win!    

Now accepting Bitcoin, Dash, Monero, Zcash, Ripple, Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, Litecoin, BCH, BNB, Tron & EOS. 

All-Star Members

Wagers can be placed on two separate "All Star Athletes" of competing teams.

The "All-Star Athletes" must play the same position in the game. You must correctly select which statistics either "All-Star Athlete" will perform better in.

You must correctly select a minimum of Four statistics from our categories to receive a pay out.  If you win, you'll receive Ten Times your wager. 

By selecting our Creative Wagers in addition with your bet, you can increase your winnings. The more categories selected will also increase your winnings. 

Example Of Creative Wagers - "Stephen Curry" will have more "Back To Back" Three Pointers than "Kyle Lowry". 

Example Of Required Four Wagers - "Kyle Lowry" will have more Points, Assists, Fouls & Steals than "Stephen Curry."